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Created on 2009-04-21 00:03:33 (#106101), last updated 2009-06-26 (430 weeks ago)

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Name:The Babyfur Community
Website:"Babyfur" on Wikifur, the Furry Wiki
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Central DW community for babyfurs
Hello! Welcome to the Babyfur Dreamwidth Community, a friendly place for babyfurs, lil-furs, caretakers, and friends to come and discuss the AB/DL and Furry lifestyles. Feel free to share personal stories, discuss babyfur dynamics, relevant problems and issues, questions and product reviews.

You are welcome to share pictures too, however, please put these behind a cut and limit the size to 800x600 pixels or smaller. For large or multiple pictures we encourage you to provide links instead.

Do you want to join this community? There should be a link at the top of this profile stating "To join this community, click here." Memberships will be manually approved by one of the community admins; please be patient. If you're curious about your membership status, contact [personal profile] softpaw or [personal profile] foxcub, or send an email to

Links of Interest:
Swift's Babyfur Public Behavior Guidelines.
Babyfur Information & History on WikiFur.
BitterGrey's Understanding Infantilism site.

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